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               October 4-6, 2019


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If you were a Jane Austen character, which one would you be?
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Jane Austen Character?

The Young Jane Austen:  Northanger Abbey

Sign up now for this brand new free on-line course from Hillsdale College—“The Young Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey."  You will receive a new lesson each week featuring video teaching, discussion boards, suggested readings, weekly quizzes, and more.


Regency Rendezvous:  Inside the World of Jane Austen Fandom

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Jane Austen's
Sanditon Coming to Masterpiece Theater


Just For Fun . . . 

English Country Dancing

Do you fancy dancing and English Country Dancing in particular?  You are invited to visit the Collin English Country Dance group which meets at least once monthly and has two annual balls.  Check their website through the link below for more information.
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Jane Austen-Inspired Recipe Books

Maureen Kelly, Jane Austen Scottish Branch Chairman, has assembled three outstanding Jane Austen-inspired recipe books and made them available to the North Texas Region to sell and retain the proceeds.   Recipes in these splendidly-done books bring a smile with their clever names such as the decadently chocolate Wicked Wickhams (a Scottish Branch favorite), Box Hill Buttons or Cassandra Crumbles.  And you won't want to miss Norland Gingerbread or Lyme Regal Cake, etc. etc.  And the soups!  Butternut de Bourgh, Chawton Chestnut and Crawford Carrot and the renowned White Soup among many others.  A delicious delight on every page.

                         Tea Treats           32 pages          $8.50
                         Tea Treats 2        24 pages          $7.50
                         Superior Soups   28 pages          $7.50 

The recipe books are available for purchase through the link below.  You can purchase one, two or all three - the choice is up to you!  Books will be available for pick up at the September and December meetings.  These would make delightful Christmas gifts for every Janeite and you'd be benefiting the North Texas Chapter in offsetting future meeting costs.    
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